Rob Nickerson Improv offers keynote speaker-type events for conferences and larger meetings as well as workshops for smaller audiences and break-outs.

Both types of events feature the high level of interaction, participation and education that has made RNI so popular with both employees and management alike.

Though all Rob Nickerson Improv events are customized and client-driven, they are often based on one or more of the topics listed below.

Take Care of Your Partner

The Number One rule of improvisation. By focusing on our various partners we are able to build the trust necessary to make our relationships more productive and successful at all levels.

Thinking on Your Feet

How many times during our day are we confronted by unexpected questions, comments or situations? How frustrating is it to think, “That’s what I should have said (or done),” when you are in the car on your way to your next meeting or lying awake in bed that night? How many opportunities slip away?

Leveraging Change

Who knows more about change than an improviser whose whole world, when they are working, is literally changing and morphing on a second-to-second basis. Improvisers see change as a springboard to new possibilities and new avenues to success.

Whole Listening

In improv every thing you do, every step you take is predicated on your ability to “listen” to what is going on all around you. Whole Listening is the heightened state of awareness that allows you to recognize and process as much information as possible in this moment so that you may make the best decision for this moment at this moment.

Working Inside the Box

If you work in a corporate environment you have very real limitations within which you must work. Solutions to problems need to come from within these restrictions or they aren’t solutions they’re wishful thinking. Improvisers excel at solving problems with limited, restrictive resources.

The Power of Collaboration

Any organizations greatest under-utilized asset is the collective creativity of the people they already have working for them. Improvisers believe in a culture where we are encouraged and inspired to share the knowledge and life experiences that we have as individuals so that we may function more effectively (and enjoyably) as a team.


Rob Nickerson Keynote Speaker-type Event

You’ve got a medium to large to enormous audience for a meeting or conference and you are looking for a speaker who will advance your company’s agenda while at the same time energizing, inspiring and involving your audience in a way that both challenges and entertains them. You need someone who is flexible enough to fit anywhere in the day’s or week’s agenda and can shorten or lengthen their presentation on a moment’s notice to fit the requirements of the day. You want a speaker who will design a presentation to address the specific needs and issues of your audience.

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Rob Nickerson Improv Workshop

A Rob Nickerson Improv Workshop is recommended for groups of 50 participants or less and, ideally, a half or full day in duration. The advantage of the workshop format is that we can give greater focus to the individual needs of your audience members and the extra time allows for more in-depth training. Of course, both workshops and keynotes are designed specifically for your needs and your audience.

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