Rob Nickerson

Educate, energize
and empower
your Audience
and your Meeting.


“Rob is more than
a speaker, he is an
interactive event.”


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Rob Nickerson Improv is dedicated to helping companies maximize the potential of their greatest under-utilized resource…their people.

Rob Nickerson Improv delivers high energy and extremely interactive, improv-based programs that are custom designed to your education/communication/motivation needs.

For large audiences we feature a keynote speaker-type event that energizes, inspires and engages your audience in a way that challenges and entertains them. Perfect for conferences or multi-day meetings the keynote speaker-type event can be adapted to fit anywhere in your agenda.

For smaller audiences with more time, the Rob Nickerson Improv workshop program is a unique and powerful option. This format provides the opportunity for more in-depth training focusing on the specific needs of your individual team members.

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No matter what size your audience Rob Nickerson Improv can provide your team with improved communication, enhanced inter-personal skills, cohesive teamwork, improved customer focus and collaborative problem solving. Discover what companies like IBM, Nike and GE already know: that Take Care of Your Partner, Thinking Inside the Box and Leveraging Change can improve your company’s functionality and your bottom line.